MOA Instructor Job Decription






Medical Office Assistant (MOA) Instructor

 Job Requirements (Qualification & Knowledge)

·       A completed university degree or college diploma in Medical Office Administration

·       2+ years industry experience in the field of Medical Office Administration (verified with two reference letters)

·       Previous experience in teaching, and tutoring adult students is an asset.

·       2 years of working experience in their field of study (considered an asset)

·       be confident with computer applications such as Microsoft Office Suite, Google Applications, Zoom or Microsoft Team, Moodle, etc.

managing international students: 1 year (Preferred)

As per Ministry of Training, Colleges, Universities Criteria


The MOA Instructor will be directly responsible to the Campus Manager.

General Scope of Responsibilities:

1.     Practice excellence in teaching and/or placement supervision.

2.     Maintain a professional working relationship with all other staff members.

3.     Demonstrate evidence of professional growth.

4.     Carry out program specific responsibilities.

5.     Meet instructor qualification standards as outlined in the Regulations to Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 (to be
reviewed during interview in consistent with position requirements)

Teaching and Instruction:

1.     Be proficient in information technology skills and be able to deliver programs through learning management system and be able to set-up classes and proctor using Microsoft tools
like SharePoint, Teams,
Forms, Outlook,
and PowerPoint

2.     Begin class on time, in an orderly and organized fashion.

3.     Be courteous to and approachable by students.

4.     Follow approved policies and procedures in the conduct of all instructional activities.

5.     Follow the course curriculum, as approved by the Ministry of Colleges, and Universities, within the prescribed timelines.

6.     Use effective motivation to help stimulate a personal desire to learn the subject/skill(s).

Constantly strive to improve instruction through:     

·       Self-analysis and evaluation.

·       Observation and study of new instructional techniques for lecture, laboratory, or performance courses.

·       The use of technology where applicable to enhance the learning environment.

·       Attendance at the meetings, workshops, and conferences on the improvement of instruction, and such activities as may be required for self-improvement.

7.     Utilize standard methods of evaluation listed in course outlines and required by the curriculum.

8.     Monitor individual student and class progress through recording and reporting student’s attendance and punctuality, completion of course material, grades, and performance demonstration evaluations.

9.     Follow college procedures for reporting student’s issues with punctuality, attendance, and disruptive behavior, in a timely fashion.

10.  Prepare students for clinical placement.

11.  Prepare students for clinical placement.

Personal Accountability


1. Respond to all e-mails within 24 hours.

2. Provide and update current contact information and availability to work.

3. Complete all assignments during the time period agreed to.

4. Comply with reporting and recording procedures for working hours.

5. Follow the correct procedure to request time off, in a timely manner.

6. Report inability to meet commitments due to unforeseen circumstances in a timely manner.


Professional Growth and Currency


1. Familiarize self with all curriculum and supporting material before teaching the related module.

2. Engage in activities, which demonstrate a pattern of academic, professional, and/or technical updating.

Area or Departmental Responsibilities


1. Be knowledgeable about and abide by College policies and procedures, including accurate and timely submission of all marking, reports, and transcripts.

2. Attend all meetings scheduled by the administration for orientation and planning.

3. Order instructional materials (e.g., printing, photocopying, textbooks, manuals, and audio-visual and other equipment) with sufficient lead-time to ensure for use in teaching.

4. Requests classroom changes or changes to classroom set-up with sufficient lead-time to ensure for use in teaching.


To apply: 

Please send the following documents as a single PDF to Hager Bekursion ( with cc to Syed Tajamul Hussain ( and with subject heading “MOA Job Application @CCHAP).



                 Copy of Credential (Diploma or Degree) – If foreign credential then the WES or similar equivalence

                 Work experience certificate / equivalent


Only selected candidates will receive an invitation for interview.