Field Health Examiner

Field Health Examiner

Field Health Examiners (FHE) are agents hired for performing health exams of prospective and existing insurance clients seeking life, critical illness or other insurance products. FHE job is to document the previous medical history, brief physical exam, and blood and urine sampling.

The Canadian health insurance industry has grown enormously since 2000s. This growth offers new but challenging opportunities for healthcare professionals who are looking for full time, part-time, flexible job options. FHE is a comprehensive program of paramedical examination for life and critical care insurance. This training permits you to be job ready for these specific positions in this growing industry. It trains you in essential procedures and protocols of health examination of existing and prospective insurance clients.

The Field Health Examiner position is ideal for international medical graduates (IMGs), nurses (RN, RPN), lab technicians, medical lab assistants, and emergency Medical Technicians. The industry offers many part-time positions to help professionals earn on the side.

  • Pioneer in Field Health Examiner Training
  • Specialized Institute for Healthcare Professional Training
  • Special Advantages from a proper institution rather than individuals
  • Highly professional certified instructor
  • Experienced faculty with vast Healthcare knowledge to help students throughout the course
  • The course involves in-class teaching and hands-on training including a six-hour long Phlebotomy session
  • Convenient class schedule
  • Small group of students for individualized attention and best practical learning experience
  • Emphasis on one-to-one support
  • Manual and practical materials provided by Institution
  • Lots of practical knowledge and experience
  • Ongoing career coaching and guidance from experts in the field
  • Assistance provided in Resume and job applications
  • Mentorship that will help to build valuable personal and professional networks
  • Large number of students already working in industry and laboratories
  • The graduates of our program receive support in job search and preparing CVs and applications
  • Recommendation letters- for best students

The program consists of four in-person sessions (16 hours):

  • Session 1: Introduction & paramedical
  • Session 2: Examination & booking cases
  • Session 3: Lab slips, sampling & shipping
  • Session 4: Phlebotomy & Final Assessment

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