Nasopharyngeal Swab Collection

Nasopharyngeal Swab Collection

The Canadian College of Healthcare and Pharmaceutics is pleased to announce a one-day program on Nasopharyngeal Swab. The program is designed for health professionals and frontline workers to understand the concepts of Nasopharyngeal Swab. The program is delivered by a certified professional. The concepts of patient safety are included as well.

This program is designed to cater all types of healthcare

  • Nurses (RN, LPN)
  • Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians
  • Medical Lab Technologists / Medical Lab Tech / Assistant (MLT / A)
  • International Medical / Nursing Graduates
  • Other health professionals
  • Scope and Objectives for collecting Respiratory Specimens for testing
  • Key elements of diagnostic testing
  • Clear understanding of Types of Specimen and priority
  • Importance of safe collection and handling of specimen.
  • Good knowledge of different respiratory specimen and their technique of collection & handling
  • To know how to collect and handle different respiratory specimen, especially Nasopharyngeal swabbing.
  • To use prioritization and organization skills to respond with a sense of urgency and meet timelines.
  • To know when and how to ask for help from a supervisor, senior clinician and other healthcare professionals.
  • To participate in meetings that discuss updates in the sample collection and recognize priorities.
  • To develop importance of high level of attention to accuracy and details

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