A Hiring Offer that an Employer can not Refuse — Career Accelerator Program

Many times we see the Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs) reaching out to us that it is very difficult for them to get the Canadian experience as many employers are not willing to give them a chance. We believe that this is a reality in many instances because the perception of Internationally Trained Health Professionals is that they may not have received enough insights into the Canadian work culture and may impact their clientele (or patients) reviews about their service. Attending upskilling workshops and related training can definitely help you to boast your CV and profile.

However, what the HMC Connections has come up is another innovation. Through the support from the Federal Government, their program “Career Accelerator Program (CAP) for Highly Skilled Internationally Trained Healthcare Professionals” can help the IEHPs to make a hiring offer to employers that will be hard to refuse.

This accelerator program allow the IEHPs to offer employer through HMC connections to subsidize their salary and that incentive is a win-win for both groups, because on one end, it eases the financial pressure on employer to train about the Canadian work culture and on the other provide valuable experience to the IEHPs.

To know more about the program, visit: https://hmcconnections.com/services/career-accelerator/