A loan from Windmill Microlending offers the financial support immigrants need

Internationally-educated healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals come to Canada looking for a better future personally and professionally. Unfortunately, restarting or advancing their careers in a new country can be challenging. They may be required to pay for education, professional training, certifications and/or licensing costs. Moreover, a lack of funds can make it even more challenging.

Windmill Microlending understands this reality and is committed to helping newcomers achieve career success. If you want to get back to the profession you had in your home country, change careers or find a job commensurate with your experience, skills and education, Windmill can help.

Since 2005, Windmill, a Canadian non-profit organization, has helped over 6,800 skilled immigrants and refugees overcome underemployment and grow in their careers. They offer low-interest, affordable loans of up to $15,000 to pay for the credentials, licensing, retraining or professional development you need to achieve career success in Canada.

Their client support program is designed to help clients develop a career success and repayment plan. Windmill client success coaches provide custom coaching, including career success plan development, career path guidance and referrals.

Furthermore, when you become a Windmill client, you have access to additional and unique client success supports such as financial literacy training, an invitation to join their Mentorship Program and access to online digital resources.

A Windmill loan may be used for:

  • Education and training programs of two years or less, including courses to help you advance your career.
  • Fees for licensing and qualifying exams.
  • A living allowance to support you during your training, licensing or relocation.
  • Credentials assessments, like the ones from WES, ICAS, IQAS or MIFI.
  • English or French language training.
  • Relocation costs for employment.
  • Travel expenses to take courses or exams not available in your area.
  • Books, course materials and work equipment.
  • Professional association fees.
  • Other related expenses.

To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • Be an immigrant: Permanent Resident, Provincial Nominee, Refugee/Protected Person or Canadian Citizen.
  • Be living in Canada.
  • Not have an undischarged bankruptcy.

If you have questions, call the Windmill team at 1-855-423-2262 or email info@teamwindmill.org.

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